Beazer Dream Home

Beazer Dream Home

I can’t say enough wonderful things about our Beazer Dream Home. My name is Jessica Belvedere and I am a mom, graphic designer, and interior design fanatic and lifestyle blogger from Live Like a Mother. From the second we signed the contract to the moment we turned that key…it was a wonderful home buying/building experience. I wanted to share a few of the many reasons why we love our house and how we have turned it into our forever home.

beazer dream home office


Our Beazer dream home plan (Luciana) about 3,000 sq ft is so energy efficient, it’s astounding. With the four of us living here (2 adults, 2 kids),  I work from home there are lights on and the AC running constantly. Here in Florida, we keep the house at 73 degrees. I assumed our electric bill would be about $300 and it averages $160/month. Before we moved in they had signage in the model touting their energy efficiency and I was hopeful but wasn’t counting on it. It TRULY delivers! I save so much money for other things like home decor!

Beazer homes average a HERS® (Home Energy Rating System) score of 60-70. The HERS® rating measures a home’s energy efficiency and to easily compare the energy performance of one home with another. A typical existing home will have a score of 130. The lower the HERS® index, the more money saved! It’s a win win!

To help retain heat and reduce drafts, Beazer homes used Tyvek ® HomeWrap®  to seal the exteriors of our house. The wrap prevents walls from absorbing excess water during severe weather and protects the home from harsh elements, such as wind and rain, which can damage its exterior.

DECOR SPOTLIGHT: one of my favorite pieces is our rustic windmill


There were quite a few standard upgrades that I felt made our home feel custom and generated a lot of value. I have had so many people comment on those touches in our home and when I told them they were standard, they were pleasantly surprised!

Coffered Ceilings in the Dining Room

Soaker Tub in Master Bath

His and Hers Closets (they are HUGE)

Closet under the stairs (talk about a great use of space)

Level 1 Granite was STANDARD in kitchen and bathrooms

Desk Option in Kitchen

Butlers Pantry


DECOR SPOTLIGHT: Globe Chandelier Lighting –  this one is stunning

Decor Spotlight: Concrete Top Dining Table with Trestle Base


Our family decided to go with the Chef’s Kitchen upgrade in our home and I couldn’t have been more pleased with that decision. In addition to stainless steel appliances, double ovens, large island, the amount of cabinet space is truly impressive. I have more than my fair share of cooking appliances and dishes and I never feel cramped for space! We added couple additional upgrades like seeded glass , and extra light over the island and they were at a minimal cost! It is where we spend most of our time as a family and I am constantly whipping up new recipes with my little ones!

Beazer Dream Home Kitchen

DECOR SPOTLIGHT: Indoor Outdoor Geometric Rug


Decorating my Beazer dream home is one of my passions. With our neutral finishes and my love for home styling here are a few of my favorite tips I used while decorating in our house!

  1. Scale plays a huge part in design, so remember when you are picking pieces to always measure your space first and make sure the choices fit together in the overall scale of the room!
  2. Always hang your window treatments from the ceiling all the way down to the floors. It will give the illusion of a taller room and elongates the space without breaking it up visually.
  3. An odd number in design is always best: gallery wall, sofa and 2 chairs, objects in a centerpiece
  4. Create visual interest in every room using a piece from nature. I love coral, geodes, fiddle leaf fig trees, and succulents to accent my furniture.
  5. Different patterns are a plus! You don’t have to go crazy, but the more patterns even in a neutral colored space will create depth and texture.
  6. Invest in pieces that you will love in 10 years. Don’t always go for the impulse purchase…think about why you love it before you take the plunge! Even if it’s on sale!

7. Mix up the style! Our house is a cross between French country, transitional, and minimalistic styles. Don’t put yourself in a box and say that you are one thing. We love thrifting and using antique pieces in each room.  I appreciate new well built designed furniture that we can pass down generations.

   home decor styled beazer dream home


When we purchased our home we received 50% off all cosmetic upgrades! We decided to add wood floors and paint the interior we were given so many options. I was in HEAVEN! We decided on Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige. The color is a soothing neutral (grey/beige) that is like a chameleon. It pairs so well with everything and changes color during the day depending on the light. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect shade for our Beazer dream home! Entertaining in our home has been such a joy for us. We change the decor for the seasons, but the heart of this classic and timeless home remains the same.

Beazer Dream Home Entertaining