Best Galentine’s Day Ideas

Galentine's Day ideas

Best Galentine’s Day Ideas

Are you ready for the best Galentine’s Day Ideas that even Leslie Knope would approve of? If you are like me then you LOVE your gal pals. Of course It’s important to celebrate with your significant other and the littles but I think it’s vital to show your girls some major love. If you are in need of some girl time, get dressed up and have a little get-together and let the love fest commence! Here are a few tips to set the stage for the best Galentine’s day ever!

Galentine’s Day Takeout

As much as I love to cook, there are some days where I would just prefer  great takeout from the Italian place down the street. Bella Italia, if you are reading this… Your “Taste of Italy” is my jam. That being said, I never turn down a pretty table setting. If you aren’t cooking you can give some effort on the decor!

Here are a few simple setting additions that will take the cake (or Italian in this case)

Gold Flatware (this one is a great deal too)

Scalloped edge white everyday dishes

Cranberry Glass Stemware (so cute and look for them at your favorite local antique shop)

A neutral runner with a minimal pattern or lace

party decor for Valentine's Day

Make the Galentine’s Day Presents

Ok, I can’t be the only Friends fan (I am guilty of having all 10 seasons on DVD). Who else remembers when Chandler and Monica are supposed to “Make the Presents” and they both forget and their attempts are ridiculously funny. This year for Galentine’s day try looking on Pinterest or your favorite DIY blogger for a fun tutorial you have always wanted to do. Then you can give each other what you’ve made.

Valentine's Day craft idea

Give the Gift of Sweets

I don’t know about you but Whole 30 doesn’t count on certain days of the year and this is one of them! I am all about baking something amazing or stopping by your favorite local artisan chocolate shop and indulging a little! You can even buy some basic cookies and decorate them together. Really, this is a dream come true for my husband because he would prefer to NOT do most of these things with me. With the exception of eating baked goods! LOL In this case order a 6″ naked cake and add some edible gold leafing and a few roses at the top and there you have a showstopper!

naked cake diy

Galentine’s Day Flowers

What woman on earth doesn’t like to receive flowers? Think it’s only for you to give to your mate? NAH! I say surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of blooms! It’ll give her some MAJOR festive decor and will give her the warm and fuzzies! Plus she will be SO surprised and appreciate them more than you’ll know!

Galentine’s Day Rosé

I don’t know about your group of girls, but I know if I showed up with a bottle of Rosé or some Champagne I would be greeted with open arms. You can make your favorite cocktail, or mocktail if your Galentine is pregnant or nursing!

Have a wonderful Galentine’s day!

xoxo- Jess

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  1. Stephanie
    January 30, 2018

    Love all of these ideas. When is our party?!