Crock Pot Cheeseburger Soup


Crock Pot Cheeseburger Soup Recipe

My new favorite soup has to be this Crock Pot Cheeseburger Soup! With Super Bowl parties happening this weekend (let's not forget to decorate for the occasion) this is a soup that can ALSO double duty as a dip! How cool is that!?!? The only difference would be the amount of beef broth you use! This soup is beyond easy and since Crock Pot is getting some heat because of the new This is Us fire revelation... I decided to give my Crock Pot some props because I still believe in the slow cooker and I'm pretty sure it won't catch my house on fire.

Crock Pot Cheeseburger Soup Ingredients

1lb ground beef
16 oz velveeta queso blanco
1 bag frozen corn
1 can mild Rotel
1/2 cup diced white onion
2 cups beef broth (1 cup only if making dip)
1 tbsp taco seasoning
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1/4 tsp garlic powder / salt/ black pepper

Crock Pot Cheeseburger Soup Recipe Super Bowl

Crock Pot Cheeseburger Soup Directions

Add all in Crock Pot and cook on low 4-6 hours

every slow cooker is different so adjust accordingly

add beef broth as needed to desired consistency

Cheeseburger Soup Add Ons

Garnish with green onions
Sour cream
Tortilla chips