DIY Flower Arrangements

DIY Flower arrangements orlando blogger

These DIY flower arrangements are the BEST way to liven up any room! I partnered with a local florist FarmGal Flowers who provided us with the MOST beautiful seasonal blooms! Here are a few things you need to make the perfect arrangement. You could bring this as a hostess gift, or keep for yourself and make a weekly arrangement in your home!

What You'll Need


DIY Flower Arrangements STEP 1:

Before you do anything cut your floral foam to the shape that fits snugly into your vase. Having the floral foam will keep the flowers in place and create a great water source for the arrangement.

DIY flower arrangement orlando blogger

 DIY Flower Arrangements STEP 2:

Fill a container with warm water and submerge floral foam until it is fully soaked. Once it sinks you know it's ready and fully submerged. Give it about 10 minutes for this process (TIP: IF YOU USE WARM WATER YOUR ARRANGEMENT WILL LAST LONGER) since fresh cut blooms soak up so much water it isn't a shock to their system if the water is warm and is easier for them to absorb it!  This will give the fresh flowers a water source while also providing support for the blooms.

 DIY Flower Arrangements STEP 3:

While the foam is doing it's thing prep your flowers by removing excess leaves, thorns and trim them to a more manageable size. You can pick an odd number of each variety of flower (always go with an odd number) and think about what kind of arrangement you want... Will it be loose, tight, freeform?

Orlando blogger flower arrangement

DIY Flower Arrangements Step 4:

Start with the biggest pieces that take up the most real estate. We wanted our arrangement to have a loose and whimsical look, so we cut a few larger stems to create the focal point and started adding from there until we got to a place where we liked the overall shape of the arrangement.

 DIY Flower Arrangements Step 5:

Add the smaller blooms and create more detail and interest within the arrangement. We added some softer flowers over the edge of the vase to create more movement and an overflowing effect. Then finish with filler in case you have any gaps that need to be filled in!

DIY flower arrangement Orlando Blogger

 DIY Flower Arrangements Step 6:

ENJOY your DIY flower arrangement!

Photography: Amalie Orrange - The Branded Boss Lady

Flowers: FarmGal Flowers

Floral Foam: Michaels Stores

Floral Shears: Michaels Stores

Vase: Pottery Barn