Dollar Store Decor Deals

Dollar Store Decor Hacks

Dollar Store Decor Deals

Dollar store decor deals are RIGHT up my alley. Considering how much I frequent the dollar tree near me for basically anything from party supplies to home decor. Today we are going to be focusing on a few dollar store hacks that you won’t believe. You can thank me later.  I would LOVE to see your dollar store decor deals so send me a picture of what you got! I will be showing you exactly what I got and show comparisons online from places like Amazon to show you how much you are actually saving! It’s STAGGERING!

Dollar Store Decor Deal Books

Dollar Store Decor Deal #1 : Hardback Books

First, todays haul was packed with beautiful books that are perfect for both decor AND reading. I think these are great to add in a guest room for visitors to read before bed. I like to see whats hiding under the paper cover and buying like colors to complement the color scheme. For this I went with neutrals and blue-grays. Each of these books was $1. Did you even know your local Dollar Tree had books (like really nice books for $1) well now you do!

The book I would say I got the best deal was the title ” The Shape of the Final Dog” by Hampton Fancher I found it on amazon for $66!!! Here’s the proof

That was crazy to me… Instead I looked at the cost on the covers and the 4 books I purchased for $4 TOTAL retailed for OVER $100. I would say this was a huge success.

The other titles in case you LOVE the colors so much you want to mimic the look.

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia = Moshin Hamid

The Knife – Ross Ritchell

Just Send Me Word – Orlando FIges

The above title I also found for $66… INSANE. Save your self A LOT Of Money and visit your local Dollar Tree!

Dollar Store Decor Deal Centerpiece

Dollar Store Decor Deal #2: Flower Tin Centerpiece

Next, there were two options at my Dollar tree and one that I purchased was a metal bucket (pictured) and the other was a oval bucket that is exactly the one below. Except it was $1

Flower & Garden Metal Container 

I added 3 Onion Grass bundles ($1 each) and my total centerpiece was $4… This Onion Grass Plant is similar and also $53 

I filled the container with mulch from outside (FREE) and I have a beautiful spring decor piece and it looks WAY pricier than $4

Dollar Store Decor Deal

Dollar Store Decor Deal #3: 2 x 3′ Rug Pad

Lastly, our house we have rugs all over the place and in order for them to not slide all over the place you NEED a rug pad. I am not putting that lightly. It’s an essential. To my pleasant surprise they have them at the dollar store I purchased a 2 x 3′ rubberized pad for you guessed it $1 I put it under the entry way rug by the front door. Here is a splurge example for a 2 x 3′ rug pad (exact same) for nearly $9.