Mini + Mommy Popsicle Recipe


Who is ready for a Mini + Mommy Popsicle Recipe ? This refreshing yet simple recipe is perfect for a party or a sunny summer afternoon. My kids love them as much as I love making them! It’s a fun alternative to ice cream and is a great way to sneak in fruit!

Mini + Mommy Popsicle Recipe

Ingredients + Utensils  (makes 4 popsicles)

1 Peach sliced, 16 Raspberries, 20 Blueberries

Mint leaves (we used 3 leaves chopped per pop)

1 1/2 cups White Cranberry + Peach Juice (ocean spray is the best IMO)

1 tsp lemon juice

Chilled Lemon Lime Soda or Ginger Ale Soda

Popsicle Mold + mixing glass

Muddler (or back of spoon works well too)

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Mini + Mommy Popsicle Recipe Step 1

First, layer your fruit into each of your popsicle molds.  We used:

1 peach slice + 4 raspberries + 5 blueberries (fresh fruit in season is best)

Step 2

Then place chopped mint + a splash of the white cranberry peach juice + 1 tsp of lemon juice into a shaker or mixing glass

Gently press down and turn the muddler 6 times to break down mint and release it’s flavor

 Mini + Mommy Popsicle Recipe Step 3

Next, combine 1 cup  juice mixture, muddled mint mixture, in the mixing glass

Slowly pour remaining mixture into the popsicle molds evenly

Then place in freezer for 4 hours or overnight

Step 4

TIP when removing popsicles from molds hold under hot water for 10 seconds to easily release popsicles from molds! *little ones may not prefer mint so I would omit that ingredient for their popsicles and they can enjoy the fruity pops!

 Mini + Mommy Popsicle Recipe Step 5

Finally, garnish with extra fruit in your glass if desired + Enjoy Like a Mother, and a Mini!

Fruity popsicle recipe

* TIP – we took our wooden popsicle sticks and added white Mommy + Mini vinyl to them using the Silhouette Cameo for a personalized touch Fresh fruit popsiclecolorful popsicle family activity