Generosity Orlando Event

Generosity Orlando Event

Generosity Orlando Event Hosted By Orlando Magazine

 Generosity Orlando Event 2018 was a one of a kind event! Orlando magazine hosted the year’s premier event for anyone and everyone looking to get involved and give back.We were greeted by their friendly staff and were more than happy to enter into the silent auction. It’s for a good cause and I think I may have WON. Fingers crossed!

There were so many different non-profit organizations to choose from and I love that Orlando Magazine has such a big heart and gives back to the community in this way. All of their events are stellar, and this one was no different. With food, drinks, and entertainment I was pleasantly full when I left and my heart was full too. I made a love connection. Not that kind of love connection. A charitable one. Keep reading, and it’ll make more sense! I loved the branded signage too, naturally. 🙂 Their “show your love with a selfie” idea was perfect! #genorlando

Generosity orlando Event

Generosity Orlando Event Location: Orlando Science Center

First, the setting of this interactive and amazing volunteer opportunity event.I am a huge fan of the Science Center and the kids ALWAYS have the best time exploring and learning new things (and I do too). We had season passes and one of their favorites is the beautiful tree that is the centerpiece of the Science Center and those BABY GATORS. I love how it is always re-inventing itself with themes and events that take on a new personality. For this particular event it was a perfect blend of science meets charity! The art installation upon entry/exit is the perfect way to get you amped up for what’s to come.


Generosity Orlando event

Generosity Orlando EventThe Food: Pig Floyds

Then we had the most delicious unctuous ribs and refreshing fennel slaw that really paired SO well with those ribs. If you are in Orlando, and have a hankering for some delicious BBQ, please run like a little piggy to Pig Floyds. You can thank me later for the recommendation.

Generosity Orlando Event

The Sweets: P is for Pie

Finally, the sweets! Y’all I have passed this place probably a million times on my way to Park Ave CD’s and now I am kicking myself that I haven’t gone in there for some sweet sweet pie loving. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. What was I thinking? Not only did their tasty pies not disappoint, but it had that quality of good food that left you wanting more, in the BEST WAY. The staff was also SO nice and I kind of wanted to give them both a BIG pie sized hug. I didn’t, but really wanted to. Not to mention they have SAVORY pies too just in case you don’t have a sweet tooth. It satisfies all the cravings!

Generosity Orlando Event

Generosity Orlando Event

Libations: The Courtesy

I will be making a stop here sooner than later, and whoever designed their logo I want to be their friend. The bartenders were SO nice and professional. Loved the vibe!

Generosity Orlando Event

Generosity Orlando Event Connection:  New Hope for Kids

Generosity Orlando Event

Having lost my mother to cancer at the age of 6 this particular group hits very close to home.  I met Gloria and I can’t wait to connect with her again about volunteer opportunities. Attending this event means a lot, because I want to help and give back. Here is a little bit about New Hope For Kids and their mission. They are in need of volunteers to help council children who are dealing with loss, so if this speaks to you reach out to them!

For over 20 years, New Hope for Kids has been helping Central Florida children in need. Our purpose is to bring hope, healing and happiness to children and families suffering from grief, loss or life-threatening illnesses. New Hope for Kids achieves this through two programs:

The Center for Grieving Children helps children and families cope with the feelings of grief and loss after the death of a loved one.

Wishes for Kids grants wishes to children up to the age 19, diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

New Hope for Kids is governed by a volunteer board of directors from the Central Florida community. David C. Joswick, serves as the Executive Director. He is known in the Central Florida community as an advocate of children, focusing on the difficulties associated with grief and loss.


Generosity Orlando Event:

Nothing like a little GNO combined with charity!

Until the next fabulous Event

xoxo – Jess