Lavelier – Luxury Skincare


Lavelier Luxury Skincare is INCREDIBLE y’all! First off, I can’t even believe what I am about to say but I may have found the most incredible skincare ON. THE. PLANET.  My new favorite Lavelier offers opulent skincare collections for women across the globe. I was intrigued and excited to try the Mineral Allure Collection because I had read such great reviews from other women.

Lavelier - Luxury Skincare

First of all, Lavelier combines the gentle cleansing effects of sweet almond oil, the wrinkle-reducing effects of vitamin E, and the skin-brightening power of Coral Seaweed extract, this collection stimulates your blood circulation while maintaining skin clarity, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. Most noteworthy, the product packaging is stunning and well done and if you are discerning about your skincare, this luxe brand is for you.

Lavelier - Luxury Skincare

Lavelier Luxury Skincare – The Detail

Next, the gold and black detail, exude luxury and I had the highest expectations even before I used the products. The Mineral Allure Collection is meant to stimulate blood circulation, leaving my skin youthful and energized, which is a perfect fit for me.

Lavelier - Luxury Skincare

Lavelier Luxury Skincare – My Results

First of all I wanted to have optimal results, so I used the entire 3 piece collection. The Moisture Allure Cream, The Purifying Pre-Masque, and the Magnetic MicroLift Masque. As a result, I genuinely felt like after 3 weeks of at home treatments (once weekly for the Magnetic MicroLift Masque) that my skin felt revived, had a more youthful appearance and a refreshed glow. TRULY AMAZING! Beyond that, you can buy all the products online and you don’t have to go to the store to get the goods! I love makeup and felt like I didn’t even have to wear any. It’s THAT good.

Lavelier - Luxury Skincare

The Mineral Allure Collection

Most of all, I love that Lavelier doesn’t test their products on animals and they don’t contain any parabens.  These products were created for customers for me with dry skin and the products were the perfect texture. Not too thick and heavy and not too thin.

Furthermore, it seems like if you are an avid skincare lover, or feel that selfcare is important to you I would RUN to the Lavelier website and get yourself set up with one of their collections. You WILL LOVE IT! It is a worthy investment and a little goes a long way!

Lavelier Luxury Skincare – Collections

Hydrotherm Collection

Marine Essentials Collection

Coral Luminous Collection

Corraline Collagen Collection

Lastly, if you would like more information on Lavelier luxury skincare and their collections visit


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Lavelier - Luxury Skincare

Lavelier - Luxury Skincare

Lavelier - Luxury Skincare