Lilly Pulitzer Home Decor

Lilly Pulitzer Home Decor

I want to start off by saying how excited I am for the Lilly Pulitzer Home Decor at Pottery Barn collaboration. I got the notice in my email, friends were sending me texts. The anticipation was killing me. In fact, on the second day of the release I visited my local Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn stores to see the items up close and personal. I was SO sad to see that the Pottery Barn Kids offerings in store was a coverlet (the only thing in store). The adult Pottery Barn had a set of sheets, and 2 pillows, and a chair that you had to order. Needless to say I was READY to spend my money on all the pretty Lilly Pulitzer items at Pottery Barn. Only to find there was nothing to buy in store. I stopped by the Lilly Pulitzer store too with the girls to get our fix for the day. The staff is ALWAYS so sweet there. Especially to the girls, and they LOVE it too.

The Lilly Pulitzer Home Decor Aftermath

When I got home I decided I am such a loyal Lilly fan that I would search all the goodies online and treat myself there. I had quite a few things in my shopping cart only to find out upon checkout that all of them were on backorder for 4 months. 4 MONTHS!!!!! That is WAY too long for me to wait. A girl needs some instant gratification. We need Lilly Pulitzer home decor NOW! I have wrangled up a few of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer home decor items. You can buy online NOW and not wait. Not to mention, the pillows are pricier at Pottery Barn for Lilly Pulitzer than at the actual Lilly Pulitzer store.

Lilly Pulitzer Home Decor Instant Gratification

All of the items listed below are UNDER $50 that include Lilly Pulitzer Pillows, Coasters, Ice Bucket, this beautiful platter and the most darling Lilly Pulitzer jewelry dish I’ve ever seen. Thank you Amazon prime. Once again…the ultimate lifesaver.