Perfect party pairing with Cello Cheese Flight


#sponsored Are you ready for a perfect party pairing with Cello Cheese flight? This year I am all about entertaining my guests and throwing a killer party, and I am all about curating a unique cheese tray for the occasion. If you know me, you know how much I adore cheese. I will try any and all of them and they are an absolute must at a party. I was shopping at Publix and I came across the Cello Cheese flight. When I purchased the item, the cashier said “that’s a genius idea” having the cheeses in one package. I couldn’t help but to agree with her! As you can see below, the cheeses make for a picturesque cheese board and your guests will certainly be impressed!

Perfect party pairing with Cello Cheese Flight

Cello put there award-winning cheeses together in one perfect package that is ready for my holiday party platter. The wedges are perfect portions for a party and their curated cheese choices take the work of picking the right cheeses for my guests. They are all winners in my opinion. These artisan cheeses all pair well with meats, fruits, and a plethora of wines. More on that in a bit.

The Three Cello Cheeses

The three Cello Cheeses are their Copper Kettle parmesan, Altu and Tuscan Rubbed Fontina. The Cello Cheese flight has something for every tastebud and palate and I went back for seconds, and thirds…it’s that good.

Perfect party pairing with Cello Cheese Flight

Perfect party pairing with Cello Cheese flight #1

The Copper Kettle Parmesan is actually cooked in copper kettles, and the nutty and salty flavor has a buttery finish and it was one that I wanted to eat the whole wedge. I did my best to share, but I think this rich and versatile cheese was my favorite of the three. It paired well with my favorite Champagne, and I partnered it with peppered thinly sliced salami. The dryer cheese and the supple meat combination was PERFECTION.  I even tried that combination with my favorite fig jam and it was like a party in my mouth! No joke, my mouth is watering just writing about it!

Perfect party pairing with Cello Cheese Flight

Perfect party pairing with Cello Cheese flight #2

The Altu is a hand-crafted Gruyere-style cheese had a beautiful scent and a nutty and fruity taste. It is a cheese that anyone would love and is mild enough to pair with a crisp apple. It creates a perfect balance and has a smooth texture. I had a paper thin chorizo salami that I wanted to try and it paired so nicely with this cheese.

Perfect party pairing with Cello Cheese Flight

Perfect party pairing with Cello Cheese flight #3

The Tuscan Rubbed Fontina is the creamiest of the three. It’s so smooth yet sharp and robust with the Italian herbs and spices on the wedge. I enjoyed this all by itself because there was so much flavor and the herbs really kept it interesting. It would also be an amazing melting cheese on top of a chicken dish. Though we didn’t have any leftover, but fontina is great for cooking and melts so well.  Create a dynamite appetizer with the Tuscan Rubbed Fontina and add it onto sliced Roma tomatoes. Drizzle with a rich balsamic vinegar for the perfect Caprese salad.

Perfect party pairing with Cello Cheese Flight

When you are setting up your cheese tray, don’t forget to make it even more stunning by adding fresh fruits and thinly sliced meats. You could also add honey or a fig jam if you want to get fancy! Throw in a few bottles of wine and your party is GOOD TO GO! If you visit the Cello cheese website, you can find a ton of pairing recommendations for wine, beers and don’t forget inspired recipes!

Cello truly saved me time and money when I went to Publix looking for the right cheeses for my party. It took all of the guesswork out of it, and Cello knows cheese… you can trust me on this one. Cello offers the highest quality cheeses available and I can’t wait to host another party so I can get another cheese flight! #cellocheeseholiday